I suppose a magician might, but a gentleman never would.

Astrological charts and tea leaves failed; ley lines shifted, crossing continents and ethereal planes. The future was unclear as the darkest of magics and the bravest of heroes converged on one location with ramifications for all wizardkind.

BRICKCON 2009. The taste-maker Jonesy single-handedly drove a chariot of fire across the plains and deserts of the American West, carrying his 2 charges, Jordan and Scotty. Fellow taste-maker Kevoh took to the air, facing rain, thunder, and lightning sent by a diabolical amalgam of Yahweh circa Noah's Ark, Zeus, and Thor, protecting things delicate and majestic within his solemn rolling bag. Herein, stories of their many adventures and encounters:

steve witt answers the fourth question from "The Forehead." photo by joe meno.

Conversations on Borrowed Time with Steve Witt: Celebrity and debutante Steve "The" Witt had little time to devote to any one individual, but between his various duties (notably, explaining basic economics to Alaskans and Foreigners) he grabbed some face-time for brief seconds. The gist: he wants to be made fun of on this here "blag." It seems not making the Hot or Not List wasn't hurtful enough.

kevoh smiles and gary yawns. photo by joe meno.

Infamy and Notoriety: Like the Red Sea, crowds parted before our intrepid authors, out of fear and awe. Whispered comments and sly glances. "Those are the guys that made fun of my gay float" "So what if I use rubber bands; rubber bands are the only joy a 17 year old has" "Oh god I hope I didn't include too much brown!" "They seem very fashionable; I bet they hate my bizarre senior-citizen-lesbian-librarian gray jacket-sweater." And yet others flocked and shook hands eagerly, "I love what you are doing" "You are important" "What's 'twee affect'?"

Important Blogs Discuss Important Things: The kiddies adore the BB-hive, but the queen Becraft is uncomfortable with the praise; it's for the adults, he says. "Kids are just disease vectors anyway," contributed Jonesy.

fradel, in his least embarrassing moment of con. photo by joe meno.

No Awards: Because of the dismal showing last year, Steampunk had no trophies this year for your dear authors to win. For the best, perhaps, because it was the only way one could be sure the VA Steamworks didn't win either. (Current theory, the mocs are actually built by the little kid, with occasional help from the father, who posed as "Guy" at con. A made up name, to be sure)

scotty hams it up while duane(?) and jon learn about DesignByMeno. photo by joe meno.

Unredeemed Dippin' Dots Coupons: Rumors of Nnenn-sightings circulated. New acquaintance Drew Ellis (store employee and excellent builder of Steampunk Cave Miners) vaguely hinted about his presence. An older man was seen conversing with Mrs. Nadroj; the old and wise "artist"/target-of-derision giving advice to the mother of the young and naive "artist"/target-of-derision? The same man also turned away, hiding his name badge, as Kevoh and Scotty walked by. Spies and thieves!


  1. I have one important question, Kevoh. Are you really as dirty on VA Steamworks as you make out? Aside from the overpimping I would have thought his stuff was right up your alley: quirky, colourful steam-fantasy.

  2. are we talking about the same person?

  3. I confess to misremembering the amount of colour but this one (http://www.flickr.com/photos/32482342@N05/3122295087/) reminds me of some of your stuff.