Their faces were nothing but thin masks; within each a candle was burning.

The sea is the next big thing. Below the waves untold treasures lurk, guarded by evolved fish-people, while elsewhere rich blue-bloods escape the hoi polloi to their Bioshocks. There's even an upcoming LEGO theme (good news for the public, who demand that everything at conventions fit into a preconceived set line, thus steampunk being called "Harry Potter" or "Indiana Jones").

Lomero is leading the charge with this "small steam boat," which uses a combination of curves and angles to get the sleek wave-cutting form.

His solution to what we'll call the Iceberg Problem (below-surface mysteries) is to cut the model off at the waterline. A challenge, but one that works well here. Now for an uncomfortable segue.

"A bonsai tree? This has nothing to do with the sea!" you'll argue. Probably true, but it's too neat to pass up. Maybe if the colors were changed it would work as some sort of coral formation. So there!


  1. there's a rubber band in that, I'm surprised you wanted anything to do with it.

  2. Using rubber bands around tiles capped by radar dishes is something I endorse.