"The sort of house which a lady in a novel might like to be persecuted in"

Now before seeing this moc I'd mostly given up on dark tan as a drab, difficult color chiefly used in "Poast Apock" and other such unsavory ventures. But imagine my surprise, dearest of readers, at stumbling across this stately building on Brickshelf!

Dark tan and pearl gold, themselves sort of hideous colors, are through some sort of alchemical reaction transfigurated, into something not quite terrible to look at, in this moc. What a feat! The vision behind this is impressive to say the very least. Though the dark brown details are perhaps a bit weak, and you may say "no that is fine there are exactly twelve parts in that color", I may be tempted to respond "yes well you could have used a color with better parts selection", but I would stop myself, for fear of breaking the charms that keep this unlikely color scheme together. What I wouldn't do for a "dark yellow", a rich mustard-y ochre-y color on par with dark red, blue, and green. But until then, this is about as close as you can get, with legos.

Now after all that heavy dark color I need a palate-cleanser:

That's better.

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