Vick Vipers: Beating a Dead Dog

The crusade against Vic Vipers continues with this, the official twee affect "Novvember" wrap-up. You read that right, dear readers; the twee affect vendetta against Vic Vipers is so intense, so consequential, so not-just-in-Nnenn's-head, that the only thing it is comparable to is a century-spanning global conflict that left untold thousands if not millions dead.

In a month full of pew-pew starfighters, a few stand out as actually decent.

In proof of the "Monkeys at Typewriters" conjecture, Peter Morris finally made a Vic Viper that is interesting. Inspired by some sort of racing car, his Victoria Viper combines fancy racing colors with a departure from his normal form to make something that would fit perfectly in a reboot of old scroller video games.

Nostalgia is rarely attractive, but in a field where color schemes often veer into the simply hideous, going with the tried-and-true has its advantages. Builder "Wizz Bang" takes Peter Reid's Neo-CS and runs with it, making a ship that could easily stand on its own outside of the VV fad.

In the legitimately inventive (or maybe video-game inspired?) category, Toby Hein presents the Sylphid Strega. Did 3 ships crash into each other? Or is it a gesamtkunstwerk, deftly playing off our conceptions of form, symmetry, and unity to make something altogether new?

If "Novvember" was a contest, Rob "Dasnewten" would be the prize sniper. Taking his trademark style and technique and applying it to the VV template, his G4 Harpy is certainly not his best work, but arguably the best Viper seen yet.

We take that back. Jaster wins.

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