My heart's as warm as a baked potato.

It has been slow on quality models lately, so we've turned blog-cannibal. Yes, it's time to bring the hurt on long-time rival The Brothers Brick, or as we refer to them, "bro-brix."

While we've chosen to simply not post when there are no good mocs, BroBrix bravely carries on, and posts whatever crap crosses their path. Evidence, from the current first page:

Exhibit A: Typical Day at Hanger Bay 4. The shuttle is The Worst, there's absolutely zero action going on, and the details are mundane.

Exhibit B: Flaming Awesome. Really? This looks like any bionicle seen in the "look what I made!" spread in the LEGO club magazine. And check out the completely uninspired "technique" for the flame aura.

Exhibit C: The Emerald Viper. Take two bionicles and stick them to some greebs and voilĂ ! Insta-bloggable!

Exhibit D: Temple of the LEGO Gods. Where to begin on this one? The builder obviously has never seen nor heard of any piece of architecture ever, but he's also never seen a tree, and doesn't understand how ponds work. Also, if it's to "LEGO Gods" (whatever that means), what's with the cross on top?

Oh and also! If you'd like to get blogged, this is for you! Quote Dan Rubin: "Builder Tsan-Nien added me as a contact yesterday, and I couldn’t get over his latest creation."

Yes, he's such a new builder, and already he's learned how to 'game' the 'system.' Just friend the bloggers on flickr! Meet Andrew, Thanel, Nannan, Dan, Josh, Caylin, and Tim, your friendly, easily-lobbied editors. Friend them soon, seems like they are blogging just about anything!


  1. Expect anything Thanel blogs to be mediocre.

  2. Tsan-Nien actually added his model to the blogging pool before it got blogged. I was kind and assumed it was a comprehension mistake. But he got kicked off my blog list for a while.

  3. If you're going to quote me, why not put the MOC in your list of MOCs on the current TBB front page? Bias! I call foul! Overall, though, I do agree that some of the things blogged by my fellow bros-brick aren't really of high enough quality.

    Tim, I didn't know he'd added his model to that pool before being blogged, that's pretty sketchy. Looks like he'll be getting the same treatment from both of us now.

    To be fair, I have an average of around 3 people adding me as a contact on flickr per day, and I don't blog all of those people's MOCs.

  4. ^ I think it was a genuine mistake but I'm a grumpy bastard and so for something trivial like blogging I will assume guilt before innocence ;)

  5. Most of these have the interesting property of Looking Pretty Cool in the Thumbnail.

  6. I also have to link to this for Kevoh