Spring Winter Break Broke

Well it looks like, besides our special train correspondant Matt, we here at Twee Affect ended up taking winter break off, from blogging. What a terrible lapse!

Now is the time to turn over fallow fields, or something about new years' resolutions, and how the minute you resolve to lose weight, you gain ten pounds. So let's get back on that wagon and do some blogging!

If you told me, say, that you were going to make a tan building with a primary red roof and orange masonry details and accented with black he-man swords, i would have told you, to drown yourself.

But this brickshelf user ("rileeuw"? is that welsh?) somehow took all these disparate, potentially disasterous elements, and made them work. I'm still looking at it and wondering how it manages to not suck.

Flickr's "Orion Pax" recently gave us a breathtakingly vulgar display of wealth and excess. It looks like those 2x2 tiles, for example, cost upwards of 75 cents each to get them in quantity. He may as well have built the Spruce Goose.

What did y'all do over winter break?


  1. Rileeuw is dutch.

    I think.
    Also, dare I say, Nadroj? :P

  2. I want to know how you found the pic at the bottom. <3 this post for that silliness alone.

  3. Jonesy is stuck in the past decade and still looks through the Lego Flickr group (you can see how the picture is a part of that pool on its page).