Listen to the girl, as she takes on half the world

We here at Twee Affect were totally gonna do like this big conceptual Classic Castle Contest roundup post, with lots of mean-girls castlefag jokes and all that, but we put it off too long and anyway they announced the winners yesterday so whatever. We've got a castle for you though!

This guy on brickshelf "gearcs", who i'm sure has a real name that i cant be bothered to look up, posted this really sharp little castle a few days back. The perimeter walls are nice, irregular shapes, the roofline is varied, and the castle employs a variety of different details while still maintaining a cohesive look.

I mean it's not perfect; the pickabrick rocky areas and snot water sections are sort of chintzy, and we've seen them done better in dozens of other mocs. There's only four houses and a church inside the castle walls, which is lame, and they could have been scaled down a little to add a couple more buildings in. Everyone is so married to buildings built for full minifig-scale interiors, which are super important so you can peel off the roofs for the thousands of people at a convention public day, so they can see all your very important minifig interior decorating.

Oh also the cobble/flagstones look like a magic eye picture. But still this is a pretty great castle!

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