If you be not willing, I shall need force

As yall can tell, readers, lately we have (again) stopped poasting here on tweeaffect. I have generally lost interest in the blag and the Lego community. Whether this be a symptom of unipolar depression or a cop-out with which all lazy blaggers start their poasts (the former), here is an overdue poast.

As I said earlier, I have lost interest in the Lego community and do not really keep up with the "fads" anymore. If I were to continue to blag in spite of that, my poasts would be boring. Luckily for me, I have heard of this site that keeps tabs on all of them for you and then takes it a step further and makes zanie proposed combinations of them! A product of which seems to be Legohaulic's newst MOC, a Clockwork Knight (not to be confused with that one movie about Beethoven the guy who directed that Vietnamese movie also directed). I think this is supposed to be a combination of art deco architecture fads and that one movie about de jure racism in South Africa that also has abnormally large shrimp that a lot of people were building forever ago. Again, I do not really remember that well because I have lost touch with the community.

Maybe after exams and during spring break I can metaphorically blossom back into the community, fertilize my love of the Brick and recapture what I once had. Or should I instead focus on other aspects of my life that I should realign and hope that my love of the Brick will realign with it? Or is this a way to fall into a Dark Age because I will realize that I was a happier person before I found the internet and the online Lego community?


  1. Do not metaphorically blossom back in, you must do so literally, things can get really gross the other way.

  2. At first I thought this was a semi serious post, then I thought it was some funny satire. Now I just have no clue what is going on.

  3. Matt I don't see an ominous photo here, so obviously you're not taking time off from the community.