Four Twenny Update!

Hey tweeblers, it's a fresh week and we've got fresh nonsense, for any dear readers that might be left! Today (yesterday) is an unofficial day, and it shall not escape our notice without a theme-d post!

Flickr user LegoLyons made a lil Bob Marley-ish fig holding a big stinky ol' blunt! Who knows how that ice cream scoop smoke is staying up!

Though we generally avoid blogging SirNadroj's mocs since he is a little right-wing teabagger nightmare and his parents will pretty much buy him any thing he wants, this pic was too perfect not to include, in our themed post. Look, he has non-production transclear technic pins! You can only guess how much those cost his parents!

And we've saved the best for last: SpongeBob HempPants. You're welcome!