Is that a runway?

Thus we never see the true State of our Condition, till it is illustrated to us by its Contraries; nor know how to value what we enjoy, but by the want of it.

Robinson Crusoe

Dearest readers, this week we have been reminded of the intimate nature of our hobby, the connections wrought across spaces cyber and physical. A hobby so tactile in nature, yet so often experienced flat on the screen; each picture and word builds till you feel you know people you've never met.

Is it odd to consider that a few of my best friendships started as mere online encounters in fora and chatrooms, forged by shared passions, first names, and suchlike. The theme that links we three blaggers is Space, via #LEGO, a theme all 3 have built in, but surely not what one would consider anyone's signature theme. Perhaps Space simply attracts a certain sort of person; the late Nnenn once remarked that Space was the most creative theme, or rather, the one most open to fancy and void of preconceptions.

This week Bro-Bricks is paying tribute to Nnenn with a best-of collection; I shall take this opportunity, then, to display others' tributes in his theme of choice. Interspersed throughout this post, creations of the past few days, some built expressly for the above purpose, others simply happen to have been presented in this week of rumination, reflection, and yes, grief. You may not see rubber-band-holders here, but I dare to venture that these are the sorts of spaceships Nnenn would have appreciated.


  1. Nice post and I'm glad to see some other stuff celebrated. At TBB we've kind of taken the easy option of choosing no memorial (or otherwise) creations but there's been a bunch of stuff I would have liked to blog: most of which is here.

  2. psh you're just happy to be blogged