I'm Like The Clock On The Wall

It's no secret that we're big nerds for wizards and horology here at Twee Affect, so we couldn't not blog this wizzardy clock tower, by hippotam. The mixed browns and snotted tiles make for a great masonry effect, and it is nice to see those ridiculous durmstrang ship flags in a moc big enough that they don't look disproportionate. The brown stone and sand green (corroded copper?) roofs sort of bring New York to mind, or at least Wes Anderson's fairy tale version of New York (via 111 Archer Avenue).

So is this wizard guy a sensitive hipster tweemo who chills out in his lil childhood tent in the clock tower ballroom listening to deep cuts from old Velvet Underground albums, while he rethinks his life plans? Or maybe it is 17th Century Manhattan Island and he is a dutch wizzard colonist who is one of the founders of a conceptual alternate history New Amsterdam.

Would this make these forestmen bros a sort of post-racial whitewashed representation of Native Americans, who sold Manhattan Island to the wizzard for twenty four dollars' worth of glass beads? Or are they meant to represent Peter Pan type Toysrus Kids who are "quitting the hobby" because of "new gray"?

Oh, it won't do to read too much into it! This moc is charming and great, the end!