This is not the greatest song blog post in the world,

This latest sad news of nnenn's death is something this blog is poorly equipped to deal with, but we feel we must address it, lest it be supposed that we're dancing about and howling with wicked laughter, or that we could be so callous as to merely regret not having another opportunity to vex him.

Feigning a callous disregard for the matter smacks more of affectation than the more natural general response to paint an overly rosy picture of the deceased. I will do neither of these things. So how to remember someone I never met in real life? The most personal contact I had with him was a form letter on flickr:

From: nnenn
No real name given
Subject: potty mouth!

Hey Jonesy,

Your welcome to be disagreeable or whatever on my pics, but since my little guys started reading, there's a few words I'd like them to avoid.... at least here. Mind cleaning that one up?


I can only remember him as he presented himself on the internet: Nnenn was a great builder. He could also occasionally be a bit of a pill, like me and most everyone else on the internet. But we will miss nnenn and his lego spaceships all the same.


  1. Indeed. It's obvious that the community (and all that loaded word entails) will unquestionably miss nnenn and his (mostly) lego spaceships.

    This is quite a bit more fair than Matt's post and I have to say I'm glad to see it here. I'm not a fan of tossing around the word "legend" when dealing with someone who played with toys and posted pictures of them on the internet but the callous and denigrating post instead of simply saying nothing speaks rather poorly of one's character...