Julliard was a thousand miles ago

When we first looked at this moc, we instantly thought of the Dennis Quaid 1985 scifi trash pulp epic Enemy Mine, a movie about Dennis Quaid and a parthenogenic lizard dude, stranded on a deserted planet after a low-budget space battle, playing American Gothic in their turtleshell squatter's hut, and then a bunch more stuff happens. Our dear readers may be familiar with Andy Samberg's comedy vaudeville sketch routine based on the movie:

Like in the plot of the movie, this moc is also a collaboration, between two bros. Nannan and Legohaulic each brought something to the table: Legohaulic his post-apoc taste for vast expanses of drab plate landscaping, Nannan bringing his innovative "just pile the cheese slopes on" technique. But seriously, though we have our little disagreements with these two, they are undeniably top-notch builders and so this moc deserves a blog.

"But oh!" some of our more quakingly sensible readers may say, "look at these very shoking parts selections! Raised baseplates? Soccer field parts? Pickabrick cups? Who are these impertinent creachures!" It is true, dear readers, that this moc is not up to the standards of these two builders in several places, but remember what the purpose of it is: a convention display.

What does the public like best? Big. Anyone who's been to a con will tell you that the biggest moc is always the public's favorite. They won't notice the building shortcuts taken here, they will merely say "Oh wow I wish I had this many legos how many legos is in it how long did it take you to build it can I buy this in a store can I get instructions", and then go drop a bunch of money at the brickarmz table, the end. They will probably think the singularly awful bionicle canister lid embellishment is "cool".

Other things that excite the public are flashing lights and motorized functions, and this moc has those in spades. Turn down your volume and watch the video:

There's a lot of motors in here. The obvious spinning radar dishes yes, but there's also a brickbuilt monorail (based on this), probably the first integration of the technic great ball contraption fad into a diorama, and a pretty innovative junk-laden conveyor belt. The belt junk may not be as artfully placed as in our Matty's train car, but it moves!!

So take it from us dear readers, this thing is going to be crowned homecoming queen at Brickworld by the public, unless something bigger shows up. You can call this a cynical ploy for a con award, but we here at Twee Affect do appreciate a good AHOL in-joke.

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