We Don Black Suits

Portuguese AHOL group Comunidade 0937 has been busy, you guys. Busy winning the heart of your blagger! As you can probably tell, your blaggers here at twee affect like architecture. And as you can definitely tell, this specific blagger has a big, black heart for Gothic architecture. In Comunidade 0937's most recent display, Arte em Pecas, someone built a Gothic cathedral, and we really like it. While this blagger has no formal schooling in architecture (or art in general), he has taken an introductory Western Civilization class at community college, and can therefore provide insight about the Gothic architecture details of this stunning Lego MOC.

The first thing, of which to take notice, is that this MOC is a part of a bigger display. It looks to be a part of a walled and currently besieged medieval city that has the population density of an American suburb. A small band of heroes holds off a large collection of castle figs army gathered outside of the wall while some vikings watch in their longboats. A Midgard serpent seems to be attacking the vikings, because that is what Midgard serpents do.

Enough digression, we shall focus now solely on the cathedral. At this point you are probably most definitely thinking "Hey! Didn't yall already blag a Cathedral?! I tolerate the rehashed jokes, mock gravity, and endless (self) references, but this is too much!!!". Sadly, such accusations fall on deaf ears.

This cathedral features a patina roof, which adds much needed color to an otherwise entirely gray building. The flying buttresses, the hallmark of Gothic architecture, are quite interesting and, like the entire cathedral itself, are packed with details. The spires have minimal gaps and smooth transitions, a difficult task indeed. It is also worth pointing out that the builder bothered to include an interior, which can be seen by removing the facade on the transept. Unfortunately for the builder, the public cannot see the rest of his hard work.

Oddly enough, the cathedral is bedecked with mostly pulleys, not gears, which are the norm when it comes to building Lego cathedrals. This leads your writer to draw the conclusion that such heresy can only mean that this cathedral is a Protestant church, and not a Catholic church.

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