Fight Face-To-Face Like It's The Nineties Again

Haha wow we have a huge headache dear readers, like, what is even going on! Nevertheless we are blogging, through the blinding pain, because of our incredible devotion and fantastic work ethic. So! AntonyLau built something new, a "Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery", using a couple dozen gold chrome minifigs, and oh look in the pagoda windows there's a ton of Indiana Jones idols! Spendy! Anyways we can't hate any moc that has trans-pink fish in it, and we like those curly spiral clouds on the background wall. Also go look at his brickshelf again, like we did, for purposes of nostalgia.

Fvin did a lil dio of some Hong Kong festival involving pastry, and while we're not sure the whole scene quite "gels" there are some good details. We like the string zigzags on the dragons, the fabulous feather boa on the giant statue guy made of transpink mugs, and the retina-burning orange roof on the gate. Another builder would have probably just made this safe boring red, or red with safe drab accurate dark orange, but we applaud the ballsy choice here. "But wait!", our dear readers may say, "what is going on with that big white plate tower like, did someone scribble on the studs with a red colored pencil or what!" No, it is just incredibly tiny stickers, on every stud. What a nightmare that must have been, to cut them all out special and stick them on uneven surfaces! But I guess this bizarre American Gladiators-y tower of sweets is the whole point of the festival, so they had to do it somehow.

Finally, a bit of trendspotting for you! We predict this dino trend is going to be the new frogspace/trolls/etc. Remember you heard it here first, and not on our sister blog The Brothers Brick, who will probably immediately reblog this picture, and not credit us!


  1. Wah wah wah no credit boo hoo hoo

  2. silly question, but does anyone know what that round grill piece is on the side of the ghost? is that a lego or some other brand? it's a really cool looking piece.

  3. The ghost is a *gasp* megabloxxx set