Hard like suits.

Today we have a hardsuit and a robotic sentry. The first is by Lukas, who seems to be on a building kick because of summer, which tragically is the opposite of this author! This suit has a number of interesting features. The usage of the white technic windscreen, combined with the thin arms gives the suit a very organic look. This suit is extremely posable, with fully articulated hip, knee, and ankle joints. Best of all it fits a fig, an apparently herculean task!

Secondly, we have the 'Sentry Destroyer' by The Slushey One. This robotic sentry presumably stands guard, utilizing its various deadly appendages to dismember anyone foolhardy enough to attempt to pass it! This lethal contraption, however, might be too greebly for our delicate tastes. Still, quite a fearsome machine!

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  1. thanks skaw-tee. forg0t you blagged for twee.