God made mistakes, so we threw rocks at the sky

Barnicles, dear readers! With very few exceptions, we are generally not very excited by Bionicle mocs. Only we just saw this the other day, and kind of liked it! As we understand it, this Mata Nui guy is like the king sky-wizzard of Barnicle land, and the reason he allows all those bad guys to exist is because his "mysterious plan" is there is nothing good on cable. "God is a kid with an ant farm", according to anti-smoking propaganda snuff film "Constantine", featuring our style icon Tilda Swinton, and so all the lil barnicles in Barnicle Land need to "let go" of their daddy issues and their overcomplicated mask-imagery identity games devised by toy company executives to make money and just, live.

As for the moc, our thoughts are as follows: we 1) love that it has no primary colors 2) appreciate the subtle-for-bionicle sculptural quality of the construction, reminding us as much of Moai statues as it does of Rodin, and 3) are glad that the integration of lego system plates isn't too distracting. Now if only TLG had just done metallic silver from the get-go, instead of mucking around with pearl gray and flat silver and all that crap!


  1. Oh, the last post title was from Mt Zoomer, this one's from a song off the S/T EP