You Put Your Ribbons In My Hair

Ostriches, dear readers. One of those new parts that lend themselves naturally to a seed part challenge, formally or not, and it seems the thing everyone decided to do is make hardsuits for them! Only ostriches don't have arms; are these some sort of chimera? When the head is removed from the bird body, it almost looks like a sort of lizard. Whatever the particular species, these poor creatures must have been unnaturally altered. Does the hardsuit machinery keep these abominations alive? If they are capable of speech, we bet their first words were "kill me".


  1. Jonesy, all you need to do is put the head of a thing on top of a robot body and obviously that thing occupies the implied space within, microscopic though it might be. BAM! HARDSUIT! Don't ask questions or try to examine the silhouette.

  2. What a brilliant concept. Disturbingly adorable!