I Am The Lorax, I Speak For The Trees

Crimson Wolf just did a nice tree scene with lots of brick-built birds and a hermit wizard, more wild than civilized, who's built a squatter's den in the underbrush. What esoteric knowledge has he collected among his meager possessions? What drove him out into the woods and the rain and the muck in the first place? We are going to say he is Myrddin Wyllt, driven mad by the horrors of war, and run off into the forest to live with the birds.

I Scream Clone has built a massive oak tree which serves as a hideout for his Robin Hood bandits. They are mostly making merry and wassailing and what have you. We like the shape of the tree, and though a hollowed out tree hideout makes for good playability we'd like to see the living version, with great big branches and loads of foliage. But the leaf part sprues are not really kosher, we think. Complete pics at Mocpages, if you can brave the ads and the load times.

P.S. Remember that massive Japanese castle display from a couple weeks back? They posted complete pics! Go look!