Belated Brickfair Roundup!

Well! When we last blogged, dear readers, we were in the midst of the summer doldrums: everyone being either burned out on legos from a con, or feverishly building for another con. So we took a lil break, had a few pot-of-coffee days and bottle-of-wine nights, and caught up on our Top Chef. God are we sick of that Angelo character, we hope he LOSES! And that sneaky russian, stealing people's pea purées! Never trust a russian! Anyway lo, for when we poked our feelers back around on the internets, Brickfair happened! So here's a roundup!

The Poast Apock DC layout had a sequel, which we will choose to subtitle "Sad Cannibals in Snow". The white made a huge difference here, because otherwise the ground would be brown, and it would be terrible. The Washington Monument got some neat lil lookout shacks on it! Neat! But otherwise it was pretty standard drab-bricks-and-brickarmz stuff. We hope they do some landscape work next year; we'd like to see massive craters peppering the layout or something.

Jovian did this lil boat-and-tidal-wave dio, and we think it's pretty neat except for the Mummy-Returns-y face. Seeing waves is nice, instead of empty flat blue baseplates, or flat blue snot water, or oh god, tiles. The boat could use a bit more detail and another sail maybe, but we guess the point of the dio was the wave. Make the boat tiny and make the wave huge then! Like in this Hokusai print that torgugick did, which was at the con too.

Someone did a floating rock, dear readers, and we are just furious, because we invented floating rocks so it is our theme. This moc seems to be some kind of futuristic Ayn Randian "Go Galt" libertarian plutocrat sea castle, in the sky. With a basketball court on the roof, and a jesus cross to ward off vampires/poor people. Just, fired guy. Fired from life.

Speaking of floating-rock-ish-type things! We are not sure this qualifies as a "rock" so much as a "wafer", and we dont get the seaweed on the bottom, unless it is the propulsion device mebbe? We've seen this before, like a lot of other mocs at this Brickfair, but we don't remember the towering clear phallic ghost-obelisk holding it up. Anyways, we support the effort, even if we dont "get" it. Dream big!

Speaking of insane mocs, here is a nightmare undersea dungeon, made of garish transparent belville parts. We pretty much want to live there! Too bad we can't find better pics.

Oh look, it's the landscape work we've been pining for, this whole post! Danr, blogger at our sister blog The Brothers Brick, and nkapp22 teamed up for another 3LUG venture. They love them some crashed alien ships! The supervillian hideout skull island is nicely shaped, and while we'd like some more detailz in it, we understand this is definitely a "built for a con" moc, and like on Project Runway, you can't let your ambition get the best of you in the face of deadlines. We have all been there, girl! Anyways, since it was big, it won a bunch of awards! Congrats bros.

Oh and we guess they unveiled this Tower Bridge set at the con, which has 500 tan cheeses, so everyone can shut up about them already. Hooray!

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