Brickcon Roundup Part 2!

So! By now pretty much all the brickcon pictures are online, so we will finish the job Kevoh started, and forgot about thirty seconds later, like a crocodile. Here we go!

This underwater dio was the star of the show it looks like. Pretty much our first thought was "someone finally figured out what to do with those tan technic bricks from PaB a couple years back", because we still have a bunch of them we can't think of a use for. The motorized whirlpool is a great gimmick, and it was a smart move to integrate it into the pirate display rather than be relegated to the "miscellaneous" table, where people would say "i dont get it" and keep moving. Hope no toddlers ducked under the ropes and slobbered all over it!

Ley's tower is really unorthodox and interesting, but we think we need it explained to us. Space elevator? Evil corporate hq?Lunar grain silos? The lil spy vs spy guys on the side are keeping their secrets here.

The instant dkblue becomes available enough to do a big project in, we get two capships at the same con. Like two girls showing up to homecoming in the same dress! Well, they're both big, so you both win guys.

This was the biggest (read:best) castle, but only because they cheated and used wall panels! We like the almost-surrealist asymmetrical stacked towers design, and the ridiculously different scales between the curtain wall and the keep, but nothing can justify using juniorized POOP parts, ever. Everything needs to be made of bricks or snot techniques, the end.


  1. Eh, I've seen worse use of POOPs.
    Also, FYI the link to the castle is broken and the link to the left dk blue ship links to Tyler's, while the right one links to a four-month old GHL moc from teikjoon?

  2. Ley's model is a WIP space station; the long parts are corridors, and gravity is toward the central column- the opposite of what you would normally see on a station such as the one in '2001'. I suggested that this reversal is caused by spinning it in the opposite direction. Ley said something about pastries.