Cube Fetish

(Click for full comic. Warning, slightly NSFW: cartoon "1x1 cone")

Imagine, dear readers, exploring the rural plains of China. As you are walking you encounter a hollow sound beneath your feet. What's this! Is something buried here? Could it be, the second battalion of Emperor Qin Shi Huang?

But no it's cubedudes! Dozens upon dozens of cubedudes! Just as hopelessly, boringly, blandly repetitious as those terra-cotta soldiers, and replacing historical significance with pop-culture ephemera, this fad is only slightly more interesting than bringing 6000 figs to a con.

Cubedudes is a fad that was played out right from the start. When Angus Maclane started them over a year ago, he burst on the scene with 64 models. "Oh that's cute," we thought. Little did we know that this would continue for over a year culminating (we hope) in Blockolug's bizarre "event." (Pictured throughout, our least favorite Cubedudes.)

Cubedudes: A Summary: Hey guys let's use this inherently blocky medium to make blocky versions of pop culture characters. See, we are making blocky things out of blocks. ITS REVOLUTIONARY! But wait did I tell you the best part? The heads, they are turned 45 degrees! Did I just Blow. Your. Mind?

Do you realize, Blockolug (these 4 blokes here) has been working on this project since May? Just think of all the actually interesting models they could have made instead in the past 5 months!

And lo, another fad is upon us. This month's cubedude is Vic Vipers. Oh boy!


  1. I think it time you got out of your mom's basement. Just because your a waste of space doesn't mean others are.

  2. I'll assume you are talking about Blockolug when you say "you."

  3. Wow, those Oglaf comics are great! Thanks for the link. :D