Let's Talk About Spaceships

Dover said...

i'd prefer to talk about spaceships

While we're not usually in the habit of taking suggestions, there have been several neat spaceships of late. Let's talk about them before the influx of Vic Vipers ruins spaceships forever!

Lord Dane's "Valkyrie" is in the Dasnewten style, with slopes upon slopes upon angles, creating a fluid, compound-curving shell. It does seem to be missing a certain something, perhaps it's the color scheme, or maybe it is simply too hard to judge from a single picture. Show us more!

Phil "Tpcowan" offers a more standard take, but something about his Griffon is quite charming. It looks like it would fit right into a video game, with various upgradable guns swapped in for those underslung cannons. Pew-pew!

Rob Dasnewten's Sarigar is unf to the max. Top choice to actually fly around in, lasering bad guys. It is hard to pick out a favorite part, but the Bar 1x4x2 piece (not often used on spaceships) on the lower front is certainly interesting, as is the tiny bit of trans-yellow providing just the right amount of contrast. Rob is also known for his expert stickering; this is no exception.

Finally, what drove the urge to write this post in the first place, check out Legodrome's AEF-71. The color blocking is great, and don't you just love that 3x3 clear dome on the front wing? Be sure to check out all the pictures, for neat texturing on the gun mounting underside and another missile fin.

There isn't anything controversial or deep to say here... sometimes people build cool spaceships. Say hi to your mom for me?

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