Have you heard about Brickshelf?

Hey guys there appears to be a new site out there. It seems to be trying to compete with flickr for LEGO creation picture dominance. It's got a nice gallery system but no comment system, which is a shame. Keep at it Brickshelf, maybe someday you'll be great!

Anyway this guy MaydayArtist posted a neat castle to Brickshelf. It took us a hot second to figure out what was going on; it turns out that this is an Advent Calendar. He managed to squirrel away 25 items behind 25 hidden doors, among a charming massing of towers and bays. (Maybe it's just 24? We aren't sure how "religions" work.)

Then this guy Lokosuperfluo has whipped up some stellar techniques for the Greek orders. Check out those entablatures! He doesn't seem to have actually applied the techniques yet, but hopefully someone will.

This Cinderella's Castle (from Disney World, Florida) has some neat techniques for turrets, which have promise for future application to twee manors. The Castle could use some refinement, but we suspect it was built for a convention, where big is more important than skill.

This Western scene by Tacvud flips log bricks on end for a realistic wall texture, with the added bonus of those windows being way better in this orientation. Perhaps they are useable after all!

Finally, we learn that Copenhagen just got a LEGO store! For all yall complaining that there isn't a LEGO store near you, consider this: Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark, the birthplace of LEGO, and it only just now got a LEGO store. The miniland buildings leave a bit to be desired, but the mosaics are b-e-a-utiful.

What do you guys think about Brickshelf?


  1. I like the lack of a comment system on Brickshelf. Maybe that's just 'cause I feel my interactions on other sites are wholly hollow :'(

  2. No comments = totally irritating. I almost don't even click to look through at most pictures when I see them linked in blogs. I feel like I've lost half of my senses, or at least capabilities.

    I'm on a different computer. We'll see if this one allows me to comment....?

  3. I adore reading your posts Kevoh. Someone should pay you to do this. Or are we to believe that there are just so few MOCs worthy of note? More, please. You cant leave Matt to try and fill a lblog (Lego Blog) all by himself!"

  4. Lenny, this rapid upswing in my participation has a simple reason: it is winter break. I'm even building!

    And thanks :)