Pieces: They Click Together

Dear readers, we have forgotten how to build. In our quest for smoothness and quarter-plate increments and pieces snotted in every-which direction, we have misplaced the notion that pieces need to actually be attached to other pieces.

Pick up your latest creation. Shake it. Do pieces go flying? You aren't done building yet.

Flip it upside-down. Did the entire street just fall on the ground? You aren't done building yet.

Is your creation actually just you sorting out your black 1x1 plates? You have a pile, sir, not a MOC. You haven't even started to build.

Our dear Matty provides a counter-example with his previously blogged scrap metal train car. Every piece of scrap is attached; if the car was turned over nothing would fall out. This is building! Building involves clicking!


  1. I agree somewhat. It depends on what they were doing. If the builder is trying to create a structure/building/creation of course it should be completely together. But others just want an aesthetically pleasing image.

    But Nannan's Moc is definitely way of the charts for either of those.

  2. Does "way of the charts" mean a pile of black 1x1 plates and skeletons?

  3. Are you trying to share a cynical opinion by using examples of outstanding great Lego creations? Then you ain't blogging.

  4. I'm not sure I understand you Hound, but I don't consider any of these 3 to be "outstanding great Lego creations," for exactly the reason this article is about.

  5. ^I would (obviously) say that a creation could be great and still not click together all the way. But I also don't think the first picture is outstanding or great regardless of one's preference in the sticking together category.

    And I would like to say that having all the pieces click together is certainly a much more sensible way to go. ;-)

  6. But why is that a rule? Several of my bots, although 'clicked' together, could only survive those tests in theory. Shake or handle them at all, and they disintigrate. I gotta know that several of yours gotta be the same way.