And the Strangest Things Seem Suddenly Routine

We're back, dear readers! Like Harry Potter, we've lately been forced out of our childhood home, camped out under highway overpasses and in other scenic empty places in rural Britain, and spent Christmas with the Weasleys. Jay kay we've just been playing Minecraft. It's what Lego Universe should have been!

So more importantly, what has the legos community been up to lately? Mostly making lil robots with penisguns it seems. Oh but speaking of Harry Potter:

Joel.Baker has made this cool version of Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes, in eyeburning purple and dark orange! And natch the giant mannequin sign thing moves just like in the movie. Why didn't they put this building in the new Diagon Alley set! It's the best one, and for $150 we should really get more rare colors and wizardly parts out of the deal, guys. Like the first Diagon Alley! That was the greatest damn set. Like a Belville, but worth the price!

Filip Johannes Felberg has been building cool lil pokemons lately:

They're all done in a simple style, but what's impressive is it looks like he's gonna build all of them. He's done 96 so far! Only uh, 250ish to go? Let's ask our pokemon nerd lil brother.

Andybear posted this excellent Japanese temple on New Years, and the lil figs are having a traditional new years celebration, which we are familiar with, from the animu cartoons. New years episodes are almost as standard as hot springs episodes! You write down a new years wish on a lil wooden plank, ring the bell, and have awkward conversations with people you've been avoiding all year. Tradition!

But what really surprised us lately is that our old frienemy, Pain Parade, has ditched the brown and started making pretty good dieselpunk mocs lately! They're almost fully colorblocked! We are shitting bricks! Good job bro.

Well that was a lot of blagging! Are we caught up yet? Answer: no.


  1. This is a nice look back on things you've missed, but I see nobody becoming a woman.

  2. That's because we're still on hormone therapy, silly!