How do you preserve what's already lost?

Radical! A picture of Series 5 Minifigs has been leaked, and we should speculate wildly! Join us as we examine each and every pixel!

[Well this is where we would put the image but what about lawyers maybe? So shh don't tell anyone, but a guy linked to it here.]

OK so we have a boxer and a dinosaur man and a clown and a dwarf and a snake lady(?) and a soldier guy and SHERLOCK F'IN HOLMES and a cave woman and a Beefeater. Is nine the normal amount? We don't know.

The only seems to be one total loss fig, that stupid dwarf. Everyone else has a new part or two. Finally, we have a comically awful hair piece to put on lady figs! Pie for everyone! That caveman has a date now! A bowler hat! A brown rifle! SHERLOCK HOLMES. What is this thing with people dressed as creatures though? The gorilla and now dinosaur man? Is this a thing that they do a lot in Billund?

Parting words: That clown face: Justin Bieber.


  1. inb4 Lego 16+ gets deleted

  2. OOPS


  4. yes, readers, stroke our egos. hnnnnnnnnnggg