FUTURETOWN: Town of the Future

Point your impetuous faces at this beauty, dear readers! We knew there was a reason we still looked at brickshelf, and this is it. The Future! The most important thing you need to know in the future, is neon. Everything is made of it! Our Matty thinks it "is like a field of hard candy", and Scotty says it "looks like jello". Can they agree on anything! Incidentally they are both wrong because it looks like Mountain Dew, in solid form. Dew-sicles?

The second thing you need to know, is symmetry. Because the future is a labyrinth, and without knowledge of the principles of symmetry you will never find your way to your job interview which is your ticket to "making it", and this will go on your permanent record and you will never find another job and will die a retail wage slave in desperate poverty.

Anyway we like the lack of a backdrop here, it really gives us an insight into the builder. So many cups! It is like that lil girl in that movie Signs, except there is legos in them and not water! What kind of mysterious disorder must be gripping his/her brain! We suspect it is a deficiency in the brain area that has to do with budgeting, for storage units.

But what a fantastic undiscovered country the future looks like it will be! We here at Twee Affect will see you there, when human organs are grown in mason jars and sold in vending machines and Justin Bieber is on the oldies station! Unless one of us doesn't make it to the finish line, of the future!


  1. High-resolution mural-sized photographs: a Brickshelf tradition.

  2. Apparently, in the future, people won't exist and buildings won't have any particular function apart from being symmetric and mostly transparent.


  3. Goddamn right the future is neon.
    it's so fucking bright I need sunglasses