What it is is bionicle

When we saw this MOC in the recent folders on brickshelf, we first assumed that some majhost user (yes, dear readers, people actually use that site) had accidentally uploaded pix of some plastic model onto the wrong site. Upon further inspection we realized that the MOC was actually made out of barnacle Bionicle and Bionicle Hero Factory elements. We do genuinely "like" it, if you are beginning to think this is yet another "ironic" post.

It is a nice departure from the cliched, bidpedal anthropoids that one commonly associates with Bionicle. The contrasting green eyes on the orange head is also nice. It's too bad that the back of the front legs and tail are not covered. Oh well, they can't all be zingers (we could not go an entire poast without making reference some obscured music reference, because we are "new-age hipsters"). Do I get bonus points for a self reference, jonesy?

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