Spotlight: Brickarmz!

We here at Twee Affect pretty much unabashedly blog based on personal tastes, unlike the august chroniclers of the legos community over at our sister blog The Brothers Brick (not to be confused with our brother blog The Sisters Brick), so sometimes parts of the community are left uncovered, journalistically. And the recent controversy about Brickmania got us thinking, "Hey we haven't really covered the brickarmz kiddies yet", so in the interests of journalizing, lets have a look at the brickarmz part of the community!

The basic unit of brickarmz, (the starfighter, if you will) is the fig. The point of the fig is to make the coolest coolguy possible. You want to give him a cool uniform and cool stickers and battle damage. The coolness of your cool guy seems to be determined by various esoteric rules, like which pew pew shooter videogame everyone is playing at the moment.

Don't forget to give your guy a cool gun! These are available on the aftermarket, obviously.

The importance of a cool gun is pretty important, so make sure you have a good selection of guns.

You can use mixed media in your guy's uniform, like in this cool ghillie suit using yarn.

Another important thing to consider, is muscle torsos. These are preferable to even decal uniforms, because they are more Rambo-ey and macho.

Muscle torsos are appropriate even in an arctic environment.

Ok, pretty much use as many muscle torsos as you can get your hands on. If your lil scene does not look like a 90's gay circuit party, you are doing it wrong. All this scene needs is a flag dancer!

Welp, there it is dear readers! Brickarmz! We'll keep an eye on the situation, as it progresses!


  1. Hey, muscle torsos are where it's at!

  2. I know these guys are going for macho but these figs are all so fucking adorable, like a three-year-old with a water gun going "pew pew!"

    Except that's exactly what it's like.