Two hundred and one

Welp, dear readers, our 200th poast came and went. We had planned to do something special for y'all, but who are we to finish (or even start) things that we intend to do? To make it up to y'all, we present y'all with this Legos MOC. It is Jessie from Team Rocket from the popular animu series and trading card and Gameboys game, "Pokemon".

Is this of any consolation? Does this MOC make y'all feel better? MEOWTH, THAT'S RIGHT IT DOES!!!


  1. Although my sarcasmeter is ticking harder than a Japanese Geiger counter, I'm vaguely impressed with this model, in the same way that I'm impressed with all models of this size.

  2. The bellybutton is such a great touch too, don't you think? :-)