Rick came, Rickshaw, Rick conquered

Blagging laygoes is hard work, y'all. Finding creations that are blag-worthy and that you, dear readers, will also appreciate is such a chore! We here at tweeaffect are constantly pressured to find content to write wittily about. Coming up with clever titles is almost all of the work!!! One can only reference songs by obscured bands and viral videos before it becomes boring.

Fortunately for all of us, we have mijasper to add content to the internets. We could blag him every time he updates his This and That folder, but that would become tiresome and the affect would wear off. His most recent creation is a rickshaw, which is depicted in several comical vignettes. He cleverly uses the new crowbar piece as the handles. We really like the curves from the cleverly inverted mudguards. It is nice to see parts that are so complimentary.

Besides looking pretty and using clever techniques, this creation speaks to us, the curators of this laygoes blag, dear readers. The rickshaw cart to us is this blag. We pull it hither and thither, looking for something to blag about. It is hard work to carry our passengers to their desired destinations and we are often distracted by red cocks.


  1. jesus use the word "clever" more.

  2. Did jonesy approve that gay jokes? Haha, best blag youve written matt!!

  3. There was such a clever title applied to that blog entry with my square patterns... how did that go again? Oh wait, I remember! "stftlwicuwaottbiaetrsfpc"

    I'm sure that one was most definitely a lot of work. ;-)