There are dozens of us.

Dude guys check out Bro Bricks!  We have sort of bagged on them in the past, but their new hire "Donut" is the best!

He isn't cowed by Big LEGO into not posting leaked info, and is giving away some of the loot they acquire.  Aces!

Finally, a blogger more interested in the fan community than buddying up with the man.  Kudos, donut.

In MOC news, LG Orlando made a nice little Apple Store.

It is fascinating as a piece of architecture because it manages to work in a sort of middle ground between Apple-aesthetic super-modern and the more historical nature of a city street-wall.  There is a word in a European language (English?  Danish?) which your author desperately wants to recall, that speaks in a negative way of the condition where the ground floor facade of an old building is torn down to be replaced with one of modern glass, to accommodate a new commercial activity.  The word was used by a professor on a tour of a city street in west Denmark, perhaps in Aalborg or Kolding.

Nevertheless this very act is one committed by Apple's architects in numerous cities across America (the world?).  Even in a sprawling outdoor mall near our hometown, an Apple store appears to be carved out of an older gentler building, when in fact both were built simultaneously, recently.  And yet here in this MOC, old and new exist together and not at all.  Curious indeed!

Side note:  The ipod/phone inside the store reminds us that now that screens are so ubiquitous, we may be seeing them in mocs soon.  Like that cybercity display, but with an iPad slipped into a LEGO-casing of a building.


  1. I was thinking of words in other languages, and then thought of "Nie Vollständig Nudes" from Arrested Development, and then Tobias's quote "There are dozens of us! Dozens!" and thought that would be a good title for the post.

    Then I scrolled up and realized I had started off the post talking about a "Donut" Synchronicity at its finest!

    This marks the first and only time a post title is explained.

  2. All of the Apple Stores I have ever seen have been a part of a larger retail complex - either a mall (with an enforced architectural aesthetic) or a unified outdoor plaza (with an enforced architectural aesthetic). While there must be some stores somewhere that exist on their own, I suspect they're hardly the norm. Of course that doesn't negate any of your points. Just FYI I guess.

  3. ^ Not here they're not. The two flahships (Sydney and the planned Melbourne one) sit on their own. The little one I see in our CBD is in the bottom of a 19th century building.