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Dear readers, as brickvention 2011 drew to a close, we took heed of Adam Reed Tucker's sage PA announcement, and got the fuck out. As we execute our diaspora to the four corners of the map, wind wakers tuned so the wind may be always at our back, we take a moment to recall the highlights of the convention, like memories whisping through time.

Adam Reed Tucker, LEGO™ employee, creator of the LEGO™ Architecture series,
a mature and responsible member of the legos community

The Convention provided many a laugh, several thrills, oh and there were some pretty cool legos there too. We weren't exactly sure what was up with that raffling system, but who are we to question our illustrious and mature convention organizers? Hopefully next year the convention hall will organized more by theme, and there will be a stronger showing of mint condition Cafe Corners.

*The Commander* shows off his brickforge loot, by far the most important part of con. Our personal favorites were
the Brickarms Willies jeep set in the top right corner, and his custom engraved Brickworld brick in the bottom

Many a great builder has hammered us with inspiration, practically building our MOCs (mocks) for us, with cries of 'Why don't you build like me dammit!'

Co-blagger matty's awesome train yard, voted most under-appreciated legos train MOC 2011, and your author
trying, and failing to synthesize how in the hell he uses the SNOT technique

Well until next time, may your roads be gentle and the wind be at your back. All ships rendezvous at the next legos convention!

Your author and blog-mentor Jonesy thundering through Nebraska, dragon's flame alight,
middle fingers raised to motel rates and gas prices alike

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