A Mecha Proposal

I really like good mecha. I think they are an interesting concept, and builders' various aesthetic and functional decisions can lead to some cool models.

The builder has here created a lovely example of the impossibly small-footed variety, lending it a delicate balance. This is an aesthetic choice. A functional choice, one that many people make, is to include room in the vehicle to accommodate a minifigure. This makes sense because tanks, horizontal or vertical, need pilots.

However, I would suggest members of the LEGO building community have fixated too heavily on this technical goal, and lost sight of such other practical ideals such as "the cockpit does not give the driver scoliosis" and "the cockpit does not leave the driver vulnerable to knife wounds".

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  1. FYI he fixed it after he saw this.
    Well, he made the pilot stop humping the dash.

    I like to think that, like jon walden's mechs, it is designed never to retreat, never to surrender; the pilot taught that death on the battlefield in service to Sparta is the greatest glory he can achieve in his life.