We were aboot to die!

While the primary purpose of Brickworld is to display town sets, some attendees have chosen to build things that don't come in boxes with instructions.  We met one of these folks and his name is Dave Kaleta.  We totes have a LEGO crush on him.
Expert photography by Jacob
He built Rivendell which is a thing we always wanted to built once we saw it in that movie.  He's done a pretty good job of capturing all the elven filigree and flowers.
man Jacob can click that "take photo" button well
He also built a brickarms which has light up action of two different sorts.  Ace and Gary!

But dear readers, gather close, and hold on to your socks lest they be blown the fuck off.   Dearest Davey had not even heard of twee affect until Matty and Kevoh got there to learn him good.  Hopefully Camp Twee's glossy name badges have helped get the word out, but we think a more direct approach is required: business cards.  Even 12 year olds have them!
His models do not deserve this level of PR


  1. Poor Sneaky Pete and his delusions of grandeur.

  2. wait if he is only 12 how can he be on flickr you have to be 13 to be on the internet

  3. ^ You only have to say you're 13 - which I could do when I was 3.

  4. damnit Jacob, where's my crotch? :(

  5. I thought the point of business cards was to promote a business or service? Not pictures of your toys on the internet?

    But this kid got them made before I did, so i guess i lose this one