Nick Dean Has Crabs

One of my favourite things about going to an In Real Life LEGO Convention is seeing an assortment of techniques and ideas to which I would not normally have been exposed.

Many people make the assumption that crenellations should be tall enough to completely obscure the soldiers behind them, but those people fail to realize that such fortifications make it very difficult for the defenders to gaze grimly across the field of perfectly kept grass to see the even ranks of enemy combatants walking with determination toward the castle gate.

A considerate action this builder has taken is to provide an example of his source material so that the viewer may verify the accuracy of his reproduction. Have at it, dear readers.

I invite you to provide a reasonable explanation for why there is the smoldering wreck of a crashed ship inside a perfectly intact geodesic dome. None exists, sorry.

They see me rollin,
They hatin,
They trying to catch me riding dirty

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