A Thousand Paper Cranes

Brickworld is happening!!! Here are some pictures, of MOC's (pronounced "MOC's") to look at, that we liked. Besides your special train correspondent's witty commentary, we have a special treat for you, dear readers! Straight off his flight from that country that just lost the Stanley Cup (sports!!!), we have Lukas Jacob Sysak.

The first creation that we present you is not quite done, since we took this picture during set up, but we still liked it nonetheless. It is the builder's vision of a scene from the popular science fiction novel Dune. Look for more pictures later when we make the rounds when everyone is done setting up!

Up next is a helmet which is part of a life size suit of armor based off of the popular video game Gears Of War. We are not familiar with this video game, but Lukas Jacob tells us that the armor belongs to the main character "Halo". We might have to try out this game after Brickworld!

Now look at some detail shots of tweeaffect fan, supposed "Nickleback of Lego", Kyle Vriez's. The composition of his "MOC's" is overall very nice, but we shall ignore that minor point and focus only on the minute details which utterly make his "MOC" a complete failure. Note how he used technic half pins for SNOT 180 and did not attach all the cheese slopes in his brick-built numbers. For shame!

Here is a close up of one of the collaborative war displays. We really liked the red ghillie suit on the soldier wearing the dark grey uniform. We think that this is some fantasy display in which the world's fauna is red instead of green.

This is the water of the container dock of a member of PENNLUG's display. He built the water so that, when viewed from above, one can see the double helix of DNA. Nice!

Shadow Viking built his vision of Asgard, the Norse capital of the gods. It is holier than his tshirt!

Fellow Ohioan and tweefan Achmed Gugick built these two buildings in his iconic microscale style. One is a fictional Greek Orthodox church and the other what he thinks Minas Tirith should have looked like.

Some guy built this fortress of solitude from the popular comic "Superman". Apparently he brought it to Brickworld last year, but we weren't here. If you are reading this guy, we forget your name and want to credit you!!!

Last, and certainly not least, we shall leave you with this microscale building from the popular video game Bioshock. Stay tuned foar moar poasts from brickworld from Tweeaffect! Good luck and good night, y'all!!!!!!!!!


  1. Thanks for admiring my Fortress of Solitude Mattie, Tweet Effect is my favorite zine. I look forward to talking with you more about your monorail display.

  2. Someone isn't attaching all the cheese slopes to other elements? For shame!