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why are you only taking Spanish 1 now why

Upon web-digging I found My Own Creator, Pablo Gonzalez, hails from Ourense, Spain. The city has a nickname, "Terra da Chispa" or "Land of the Spark", for its knife and edged tool sharpeners. He has My Own Created a steam-powered version of the peddled contraption an "afiladore" would have used to sharpen cutting edges:
Terra da chispa_01

It is evident that this MOC adheres to the brown-and-pearl-gold doctrine, with brown standing in for wood and pearl gold standing in for the melted-down fillings of captured baby polar bears. Contrary to popular belief, in real life these were not ideal materials from which to build functional machinery. However, Gonzalaz is commended for his incorporation of real steam engine components, such as the flywheel and the governor, that other "steampunk" Lego MOCs are built without. As a person who has been around functioning steam-powered equipment in real life, these elements are quite appreciable.

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