In the past few years several AHOLs have become designers for Lego: Pierre Normandin, Mark Stafford, and Adrian Florea, just to name a few. These AHOLs remain active in the online community, and are able to learn what the community wants. We have seen direct efforts from them to include certain parts in certain colors and even pay tribute to deceased fans. While this certain privilege that we now enjoy is excellent, it is not good enough.

Just look at this microscale X-Wing that appears in the new advent calender. It is absolutely horrible. The slope on the nose is completely wrong. How can they expect us fans to buy this garbage? Having AHOLs working for us at Lego might as well account for nothing with this trash that they try to sell us. Sets, especially Star Wars, are becoming more and more expensive for poor designs. Does Lego really expect us to buy these building toy sets just for the parts that they contain? We here at twee affect demand answers.

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