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For boys! For girls!

I believe the term is "separate but equal". Yes, we are touching on this subject again because our opinion matters, especially to the Lego corporation, and if we talk about it enough we might change its mind.

Surely you have read elsewhere, dear reader, that what the Lego corporation is doing is not necessarily "bad" because evil pieces of shit marketing has shown that girls do indeed prefer pink, purple, and being reminded of their future role in the domestic sphere. Do remember that this is true only in "western" cultures and those "influenced" by them and that, just like any religion, should "western" cultures be wiped out, none of them would reemerge as they once were. Growing up, little girls (or anyone) don't know what they like. They "like" pink because society tells them that they like pink. The Lego corporation might not explicitly tell little girls how to behave or what to like, but by producing sets like these, the Lego corporation helps to perpetuate these harmful gender roles.


  1. I think Lego's (and the rest of the toy industry's) influence on young boys is more damaging.

  2. I was a young boy. If anything my life was enhanced by Lego, as I would spend hours thinking for myself withing the system of play rather than absorbing television broadcasts or immersing myself in dull video games.

    If I had been born a girl I think I expect I would still have enjoyed to do the same. However if I were to ask for Lego as a young girl, and whoever was purchasing it for me felt compelled to buy only designated "for girls" Lego play sets, I doubt my experience with the toy would be as fulfilling as it has been.

  3. This whole argument is predicated on the demonstrably false notion that the comparison is between boy LEGO and girl LEGO. It is not. If LEGO sold to girls then Friends wouldn't exist.

    Friends is entering the fray with Barbie, Bratz and other toys for girls. Which begs the question is it better for girls to play with engendered construction toys or grossly engendered dolls?

  4. I can't wait to see Friends Technic. Oh wait...