They didn't even ask for an interview!

Contrary to our express directions, people continued to build LEGO in our absence.  The nerve of you all!  Rather than attempt a recap of the last 6 months, we think it safe to assume that nothing at all interesting was built, save for the rare jewels Matty and Erik have been finding.  Let's just scroll through flickr and see if there is anything of note.  ... ... ...

What in the hell?  There are a bunch of floating rocks!  Who do these people think they are?  What the what?  There's a whole contest?  And it's being judged by people that are objectively bad at building?  And there was some sort of old-timey publication (on paper) having to do with steampunk?

But phew, dear readers, our supremacy has not been suppressed.  The floating rock entries are almost all uniformly terrible.  Some are true head-scratchers.  Better luck next time, kiddies! (BURPs can be truly dangerous in the wrong hands.)

Anyway if there is one bright spot, it's this micro-scale ditty by Titolian:

The bookish homesteader is apparently a belt & suspenders & overalls fellow, utilizing the trifecta of ~magical~ rocks, lighter-than-air balloons, and enormous propellors to ensure he never has to touch the tainted earth again.  Bravo.

P.S. This train is adorable.

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  1. Now, I'd have taken 'subjectively bad' on the chin. But 'objectively bad'? No.