BRICKSELVES: back in action

Here are some great four and six-stud-wide maters by Sou Koyamada on Brickshelf (it's alive!). They are very good maters considering their size. Sometimes, building small demands more proficiency than building large.
Notice how the above mater is constructed using stud-downward technique. Wow!

Some might have something in the way of criticism regarding the My Own Creator's camera ability, particularly in the focus department.
These maters seem to be reenacting a scene from something called "Lupin III".

A search turns up this reference picture:

This mater looks very much like the the character, Thom Mater, from Disney Dreamworks' motion-capture digital anime film, "CARS". Ironic!


  1. "Something" called Lupin III???? Get yourself some education. Lupin is a HUGE character with years of manga, tv and films under his belt. The scene in question is taken from the movie Castle of Cagliostro.

  2. And in regards to the camera shots, the effect is called depth of field. Might want to understand what that is before you open your trap and claim it isn't good.

    1. We like to see details; fuck presentation

  3. Looks like Akbar is in need of a visit to Camp Twee.