yall fogies, stand down

non-ahol fogey who has spent too much time "on the outside": hmm these, NEW legos, they are not like they used to be. everything legos is now pre-made out of the box! back in my day we had to build our own legos shit! no handouts! we had to think and be creative! this up-coming generation knows no ingenuity! they have no work ethic! posterity is doomed!

erik: what

To help prove my point I have made this graphic. Comic Sans and double-exclamation have been utilized so that it may be understood by people of all intellectual levels, including educators. Notice how the 1998 release has been discontinued for being retarded, admirable on the Lego Company's part. Rest assured, parents, that your children are only being shorthanded of creativity if you allow it, perhaps by way of gifting them second-rate products.

Now perhaps there is yet a higher tier of fogey that needs addressing, those souls who have been "on the outside" since prior to the 1980's and have little idea of anything that is going on in this poast. First of all I wonder what you are doing on this website, or even on a computer at all. But, dear aged visitor, if you are in doubt of your proper belonging in the LEGO sphere but wish to partake, perhaps you should check back into the Samsonite Age.

Look, wheels! Wow! I bet that "heavy-duty moving crane" has a lot of function, being able to roll back and forth and all. Who knows what those Danes will think up next!

leg godt, motherfucker

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  1. Valued opinions follow: I run across the quoted ramblings of your affect from time to time, and am always satisfied with your word choices. This is the Times of lego blags, and I appreciate your efforts.