The Aperture, Yawning and Blinking

Sorry for the late poast, folks, but one does not simply rush journalism. On with the highlights of Brickworld 2012!

Nick Caster's Boeing 314 won the award for best Airship. The interior was really well-detailed. I also admired his decision to use exclusively "post-grey". Congratulations to Nick!

This My Own Creation was called "Mirage". The bases that make up the components of this My Own Creation are really well-done. In this picture, a Brickwars game is happening on "Mirage". Thanks to Ryan Howerter for teaching us Brickwars!

Matty showed me how to use this great software, "Mike's LEGO Digital Designer", so that I can create My Own Creations from the comfort of my own computer screen! Thanks Matty!

And at last, here is a long-awaited picture of the armored train I have been so hesitant to share. I will be sure to poast more pictures of this nomination-worthy My Own Creation at a later time!

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