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Brickworld happened. Just like last year, it is hard to believe that it is already over so soon. Unlike last year, we were able to appreciate the many sights of Chicago, thanks to our wonderful host and dear reader Dave Kaleta and his girlfriend, Devon. How they ever put up with our insufferableness is beyond us. Anyway, enough talking about ourselves, here are some my own creations that we saw at Brickworld and our important opinions on them.
Carter and someone else's diorama
This is a diorama that Carter Baldwin and someone else made. It is pretty boiler plate, but was still well executed. For whatever reason the tugboat really stood out.
expanded universe
This is a vehicle from someone's diorama. It is good. We did not bother to check the my own creation card so, if you are reading this, leave a valued opinion and we will edit our poast. The cargo units are what many AHOLs would call "NPU".
Ian's cute airship Ian's amazing floating rock
Ian brought this rock (as well as the excellent one from last year that we also blagged). He said that it was not finised, but that meant little because, in order to have seen that, one must awkwardly look under the rock. He also brought an adorable airship.
Nick's Automat
Nick Dean brought this with for his future city project. It really stood out.
insets offsets
One of our favorite my own creations this year was Gordon Grguric's Home Insurance building. It is indeed a large creation, but it is still extremely well detailed, unlike so many other large builds that forsake detail for sheer size. We found ourselves going back again and again to soak it all in. Above are some of the noteworthy details.

Also at Brickworld were layouts composed entirely of stock sets, 2500 castle minifigs, and stuff from video games. We could write a whole poast about the things that we did not like, but that would make it seem like we did not enjoy ourselves, which is entirely not the case at all. This year was just as good as last (although Kevoh, Jacob, Jonesy, and Scooty were sorely missed), and hopefully next year will be just as good. It was a pleasure hanging out with y'all, dear readers.


  1. Where's the link to Devon's flickr? Gawd you're insufferable!

  2. thanks for the valued opinion, dave! sorry for not knowing her flickr. i will edit my poast if you link me it.