fake news medienverschiebung

in our most recent past-life we got to spend a summer in the black forest nursing a broken arm and learning upper rhine alemannic from a barista. also we spent a lot of time wondering why we got called a vulture when we left that public bathroom. the foothills that flanked the city were full of not only towering, dark trees (hence the name of the forest), but also terraces full of grapes and other mass-cultivated fruits. being from a part of the world that was made flat by a giant sheet of ice, any kind of change in elevation excites me (here's looking at you, driftless region). we even got to be the token tourist on the train staring wide-eyed at the passing vertical vineyards (though we think we redeemed ourself when we helped a bike-commuter repair his fender when overcrowding caused him to lose his balance and fall of the train with his bike and that alliteration was pretty slick). this new castle from hachi reminds us of our time spent learning to shut up about how cool it is that one can carry an open container of alcohol in public. while the entire layout is perfectly square, the change in elevation from level to level, the vegetation, and the classic feel (nevermind that background image) help make up for what some might consider boring angles and composition. who was y'all's favorite bull?


  1. ah, this was a good update. also definitely the guy with red hips. i like to think he has two black eyes and has passed out asleep

  2. Dude with the eye patch was cool, but I always thought his armor looked like a pineapple.