What to make of a thing like the Palace in Wonderland?

Palace In Wonderland 
We vacillate between thinking it is a cluttered mess and something quite beautiful. The factory landscape adheres to strict rules, while the palace lavishly uses a dozen colors before breakfast. Too much, or just right?

It depends upon it being judged as a MOC or as art. If art, what does it say? The creator chooses to use fleshtone figs, but then makes every single one white. Fashion spans every era, but never poor. The minifigs are resplendent while the workers are miniscule and unseen. Is this a celebration or a critique? Well, the author rather ruins the fun by explaining everything in a lengthly monologue below each pic. If the piece cannot speak for itself, perhaps that says it all.

(We do like this one perspective, where all the madness start to make sense. There's some color-blocking hidden here after all.)


  1. Having seen this in person, I can say with confidence that pictures don't do it justice. I'm not sold on the background anyway. This MOC made me do a double-take before I understood what was going on. A very creative concept executed on an impressive scale.

  2. For the most part it's not too hard to deduce what the meaning is without the wall of text. The most interesting idea in there to me is that of pollution spreading as far as imaginary worlds, which I think this build fails to show. It seems that the pollution here is coming from the lavish lifestyles within Wonderland, and the pollution from the outside world has no bearing on anything. A better way to express the idea would be Alice returning to an iconic scene from the books or movies (tea party scene would be good) and finding clear signs of trash from our world (Coca-Cola cans and the like). An impressive effort in terms of scale, but that can only take a build so far.