Ghost Palm of the Voiceless Dragon

While not quite the beautiful tear-jerker The LEGO Movie was, the LEGO Ninjago Movie (gah that's really the title) has resulted in what has to be the most consistently high-quality group of LEGO sets in a long time. Mechs, ships, creatures (that maybe are also mechs) and even a bonkers piece of architecture.

Ninjago City: Pagoda Park
Galektek has made another piece of architecture in that style. We like the delicate sand-green elements, the details of the flower shop, and that the submarine has eyelids.

BrickCon 2018 
Brickcon was this past weekend, and we are starting to see photos trickle in.  Here is a Mortal Engines - Ninjago crossover. We don't have high hopes for that movie, and this particular mortal engine is more in the "build a big thing from a movie" convention convention than what we might normally blag, but if this signals the start of a bevy of eclectic tank-cities, we're on board.

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