State of the Twee

Before we all vanished into the night, the various authors of this blag and their friends were busy carving out a little space for themselves in the themedom, trying to reclaim steampunk with a variety of colorful and whimsical airships, floating towns, and ephemera: tweepunk.

Since that time, LEGO has come out with multiple twee lines - they mistakenly marketed them towards girls, but it was clear to all that they were intended for AHOLs with a penchant for pink. SO! What's been happening in the world of twee in our absence? Do we intend to recap 6 years worth of MOCs? Yes. Yes we do.

Dragonfly 1
We start in March of 2014 (nothing of note was built in 2013) with Vince Toulouse's Dragonfly. Heavily reminiscent of the Flaptter from Castle in the Sky, this flyer of indeterminate scale uses parts that may not have even existed in 2012. Vince's oeuvre appears to be sleek and colorful genre-bending vehicles - all are worth a look.

The Floating Island of Todaidh Beag 
Next we have C├ęsar Soares and his floating island from 2015. His use of texture is superb - just short of overwhelming, with careful color-blocking guiding the eye.

Royal Yacht "Skytanic" Lightship "Trusty Rusty" & "Matchstick" 
Then, seemingly out of nowhere or straight out of our collective fantasy, Markus Ronge arrives on the scene with several huge, ambitious, and carefully crafted works. It is here we regret not blagging for so long - each of his creations deserves their own post.

Micro Scale Castle in Glass Dome 1 
In 2017 Peter Ilmrud shared a number of belljars, one being this microscale fantasy spanning from sea to sky.

CCC - Fantasy Castle
Jaapxaap closed out 2017 with an entry in the CCC (hey, that's still a thing? We remember having to ask our parents' permission to stay up late when CC launched...). This castle floats to us all the way from Monument Valley. Pearl gold and light blue belong together.

"Serpent" steam tank destroyer
Days later,  Sunder_59 shared this delightful tank which had us wondering for a brief moment if a fellow blagger and erstwhile friend had emerged from his dark age. There can be no higher compliment.

Bringing us to the present day is Letranger Absurde and their gypsy caravan. The colors and the effortless SNOT stand out; this may be the most twee of the bunch.

The state of the twee is strong, my friends, and we are eager to see what is next from these builders and many more. May glob bless you, and may glob bless gaymerica.


  1. Great to see this blog back in action. I hope you continue the posts and more people notice and come to the comments.

  2. Oh hey, I'm glad someone is out there. Thank you, and spread the word.